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Student Comments:

My son can be very stubborn and difficult to communicate with. I have seen Ma Fletcher, week over week, handling these challenges by being  versatile in his teaching and continues to find ways to keep his lessons interesting and enaging for my son. When we started these lessons my son was afraid to touch the instuments, was afraid of making mistakes and had no sense of notes or rythm. It is amazing to see the skills and confidence he has built in such a short period of time with reading music, counting beats and trying new things. We are very appreciative to Ma Fletcher for the patience and effort he has put into bringing music into our family. 

Thank you Ma Fletcher!! - Chary Woods

"Ma Fletcher is a wonderfully engaging teacher. I have two sons who are both taking piano lessons with Ma, and they each require completely different approaches. Ma Fletcher has individualized his lesson plan for each of my sons to give them exactly what they need to stay motivated, meet their potential, and enjoy not only the lessons but their practice as well. I am so thankful to have found Ma Fletcher." - Sashya Churchill

"An Excellent get people up and playing right away." - Gary Panchuk

"I really enjoyed the class...the pace was just right." - Pablo Derossi

"A teacher like MA comes around once in a lifetime." - Peggy Traish

"Thanks for being such a wickedly awesome teacher! I'll love guitar forever." - Nancy

"After 30 years of Guitar, I was ready to throw it down and trash it. In 2 lessons, I learned more from you than I learned from 4 teachers over several years." - Frank McLaughlin

"This has been a great class. Thanks." - Rick and Scott

"In 5 lessons you took me light years further than what I've learned in the last 10 years" - Lyle

When it come to working with children, Ma Fletcher has exceptional credentials.

  • taught music to 1500 children
  • wrote all the songs he played, and performed on the children's TV show Storytime, seen around the world in 26 countries
  • wrote the song Books are My Friends (pro-literacy song), used in the Teachers Guide for Musicanada. a text used in schools across Canada (publishers Holt Rinehardt, Winston)
  • A CD with the song is included and was recorded by members of the Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
  • Ma has performed live for 200,000 children in schools, festivals and communities
  • has a degree in psychology with courses in education and motivational psychology from the University of Toronto
  • loves working with children

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Play that folky music

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Guitar: Excercises for strength, stretching and flexibility Use of the metronome to keep the beat.

for those who have never played the guitar (or have only played a little).
Acoustic or electric guitars acceptable.  Starts from scratch and includes:
  • holding the guitar
  • parts of a guitar
  • names of strings
  • simple chords and strumss
  • reading TAB music
  • 6 - 10 simple songs
  • all handouts are included
  • how to read basic tablature
  • guitar tuned by instructor at start of every class.

Songs start from very simple (Twinkle, Twinkle and Happy Birthday) to more challenging songs such as the cartoon themes from the Flintstones and (beginning) Sponge Bob.  Basic rock is also taught.

Instructor follows the pace of the student rather than imposing his own pace.

A mofivational specialist, students get not only verbal reinforcement, but also stars. stickers, and a granola bar (with parents permission) if they've done a good lesson.  Extra special prizes as they proceed.  All girl students get flowers to take home in the spring

Takes over from where the beginner course leaves off.
Acoustic or electric guitars acceptable. This course emphasizes:
  • more chords
  • songs such as Star Wars Theme, O Canada!, Lion sleeps tonight, Frere Jacques
  • flatpicking technique
  • 3 basic rock riffs
  • power chords, Smoke on the Water
  • right hand finger style technique
  • more advanced tablature reading
  • all handouts are included
  • guitar tuned by instructor at start of every class.
Songs include more basic rock, complete Simpsons Theme, complete Sponge Bob theme and Spiderman theme.

Instructor follows the pace of the student, rather than imposing his own pace.
for those who have never played the guitar (or have only played a little).  Starts from scratch and includes.
  • holding the Guitar
  • care of the guitar
  • parts of a guitar
  • reading TAB music
  • hammering on
  • basic chords
  • six strums
  • 6 - 10 simple songs
  • all handouts are included (from Ma Fletcher's weekly Edmonton Journal column The Guitar man)
  • how to read basic TAB
  • guitar tuning by instructor at start of every class.
Instructor follows the pace of the student, rather than imposing his own pace.
For those who know basic chords and can play a few songs well enough that they don't have to pause between chords to position their fingers.This course emphasizes:
  • more chords and strums
  • theory and application of chord progressions to play almost any song.
  • Combining chord progressions
  • hammering-on
  • alternating bass
  • folk
  • country
  • bluegrass strums
  • flatpicking
  • basic finger-picking
  • how to read tablature
  • all of these techniques are applicable to rock n roll as well
  • introduction to blues guitar
  • 6 - 10 songs
Instructor follows the pace of the student, rather than imposing his own pace.
For those who want to learn advanced guitar from an expert teacher and folk guitarist. This course emphasizes:
  • folk finger-picking (about 30 patterns)
  • advanced flatpicking
  • 12 bar blues
  • blues shuffle
  • many songs in tablature
  • how to jam
  • open tunings
  • slide guitar
  • how to learn songs from a recording
  • lead guitar patterns
  • lead guitar patterns and riffs (5 pages)
  • special techniques for folk, country, blues, rock and bluegrass.
  • about 10 songs and instrumentals.
There is no other advanced class like this in the city.

Piano or Keyboard


Starting with names of notes and numbers of fingers, Ma Fletcher emphasizes posture hand position and the importance of practice from the beginning. Children's introductory piano book.


Adult piano book.  Most students learn the basics, and a song at their very first lesson.